My Top Recommendations (07/23)


We want to help you with whatever your needs may be, if it isn't listed here it's only because the scope of what we're wanting to help everyone with is too big!! Simply contact us and see what we can do for you

Struggling with how to use something?

This is not just a hardware shop, we also want to help you with anything electronic you may be struggling with, be it your new phone, laptop or a program like word or excel. We will happily train you on your own computer if you want to bring it in so you know exactly where everything is or you can use one of our training PC's.

Computer running slow? 

We offer quick and effective speeding up of laptops or PC's that can usually be picked up the next day. Even the same day if dropped off early.


Computers and mobile phones are fickle beasts and can act up for seemingly no reason, we will take it in and care for it, finding out what seems to be the problem and quickly fixing, replace components such as screens, charge ports or sent off for more in depth repairs.

Need a new pc or mobile?

Staying on top of all these new releases and changes can be an absolute nightmare with all the new jargon and buzzwords companies are using. Simply come in and receive impartial advice on what would best suit YOUR needs or for someone you are thinking of buying for the best price.

Gaming PC? Upgrades etc?

Games continue to to become more graphically intensive, meaning every 2-3 years you're going to be looking at new components for your computer to keep up. Come and have a chat about the latest releases and ways to save money, getting the most out of your current machine and potential upgrade paths in the future.
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